Right, something about me.Michael Wandzik

I am Michael Wandzik born in 1985 and i am an certified Software Engineer. I graduated in 2010 at Hogeschool Zuyd in Heerlen. After that I worked for 5 years as a Business Intelligence Consultant for QNH Business Intelligence located at Maastricht-Airport in the Netherlands.

My work consists of working with SQL server and building data warehouse solutions. I have worked on projects in the government and industrial market. In 2011 i got the MCSE: Business Intelligence certification and i am renewing this certification whenever possible. By keeping this knowledge fresh i have proven myself in performance tuning, query building and data warehouse designs.

At my new employer i have the opportunity to work with Microstrategy and design their SQL data warehouse.

In my spare-time i like to do different things, like;

– Being a Geek and building things  with an arduino/raspberry pi
– 3D printing
– Flying & building Quad-copters.
– Doing things with friends
– Traveling
– Enjoying life

I like challenges and enjoy solving complex problems. It gives me a feeling of growth and satisfaction. My “fresh” look on problems has proven itself very effective.

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