Well uhh.. and now!?

Posted: 21 May 2015 in General

Okay, i must admit it has been a while since i have posted some things on this blog, but i had a quite busy business life and in my spare time i did not have the urge to post some blogs about work related stuff. So the blog went kind of down the drain by the lack of time and energy like the titanic hitting the iceberg….

So why do i write this post you ask? Well, i am changing jobs and i suspect that i will be having a bit more time to do stuff like this. And somehow the irresistible urge is arising to do some blog posts. The only thing what will happen is that i will probably start blogging about random stuff that i find interesting and not limiting myself to BI or Arduino topics.

Second thing is that it will be a bit more informal. English is not my first language and writing quality blog posts in English takes a decent amount of extra energy for double checking the writings. I still try to deliver something readable but it may happen that i oversee errors or typos because of not reading it 5 times over and getting it checked by another person before i post something. Feedback is still appreciated and i will do my best to get the posts improved over time as i learn and blogging gets easier for me.


Now lets start to talk business…. So i am back and i want to start blogging again. But the big question is: “About what!?” Probably something i am interested in will be suitable. So to name some things i’m busy with is my baby daughter Sophie (7 months old as of writing), quadcopters, brewing beer and home automating aka domotica.

And with this teaser i will end this “first” post of hopefully more to come.

Stay tuned!



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